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RLGeeX.com was born about two years ago, when I decided that I needed a new domain name that suited my life at the time.  Of course in that time, I haven’t really put anything out here.  I’ve toyed with the idea of setting up Media Wiki, and I think for a week or so it was even installed.  Installing isn’t using though.  Recently I’ve changed jobs, then positions, and I’ve even increased the amount of soccer related activities I have going on.  Talking with Nick, I decided it was time to sit down and get this site up and running.  I finally got a theme that I feel fits what I’ve wanted, got mediawiki installed, and of course got my custom RLGeeX.com license plates, so it was time for the site to live.

Now, what kind of content will be posted here.  I’m hoping to have Nick contribute from time to time, and maybe even some other Real Life Geeks that I know.  When I post it will usually be related to computers, games, comic books, or soccer.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, or even to read the words that spill out of my fingers on the keyboard, but I’ll keep doing this, if for no other reason that to pretend I’ve affected someone in some way shape or form.  Reality is this site is mainly for hosting the Wiki.  That wiki will contain knowledge that Nick and I have pulled together from various sites while fixing various problems.  Fearing for that knowledge’s loss when the site goes away we’ll be saving things on our own.

A little about John.  I’m currently the Manager of Unix systems at a tech company that specializes in payments technology.  I have a team that works with me managing all of our Unix systems (mostly Red Hat Derivateves) as well as the virtual infrastructure.  I truly appreciate Linux but my real passion is virtualization.  I tend to be more VMWare focused, but I’m familiar with most flavors of virtualization, and will post my thoughts on that from time to time.  I’m also currently serving as the Vice President of SYA Soccer.  In addition to that I currently coach a U11 and U7 boys team, and I am a US Youth Soccer Certified E level coach.  I love to read books, read comics, play games (current favorite is Minecraft), and spend time with my 3 step children.

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