New Year, New Job, New Challenges… —

Well 2015 started, and to kick it off with a bang, I started a new job.  I was asked like 15 years ago what I wanted to do going forward with my life.  I said I wanted to be a system architect, and low and behold here I am.  I’ve spent the last two weeks as a Sr. Systems Architect, and the work is exactly what I had hoped it would be.  I get to set the direction, document where we want to go, and influence what we do going forward.

Of course with a new job comes it’s own set of challenges.  I worked a little more than I would have preferred, but since it was challenging and interesting, it wasn’t a huge deal.  Unfortunately with more work, that meant less play.  At a time where the guild really needs more recruits, I wasn’t around as much as I had hoped.  Now that I’m past the first deadline though, I hope to be able to get more recruiting down, and continue to help us push through into Mythic raiding.

I also hope to be able to post much more now that I’m doing less operational work, and more planning, architecting, and direction setting.

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