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This post is going to ramble a bit, so I apologize in advance.  Sometimes it helps to just write things down as you think through them, and this is going to be one of those posts.  If you’re not interested in the ramblings of a slightly crazy person, don’t click the link below.

I’ve been struggling the last few weeks with a lot of different priorities, and it’s been making me a little crazy. As I was thinking about writing this post I was trying to watch live Blizzcon coverage, as well as DC United vs NY Red Bulls.  Sadly DC lost, but that’s a different story.  In fact as I sit here writing this, I’m trying to watch the closing ceremonies of Blizzcon, as well as finishing the reload on David’s computer – I have to have it ready for when he gets home on Monday. 

In addition to that, I’m doing a lot of stuff related to work, gaming, and soccer.  To give everyone an idea:

  • Coaching two recreation soccer teams
  • Coaching two recreation all star soccer teams
  • Working on a complete layout change for the soccer website, including a lot of the content being re-written
  • Getting my golf game into any kind of shape, because it’s really bad right now
  • Of course my normal day job trying to get a handle on the mess that is my infrastructure
  • Professional growth is very important to me, and it’s something I haven’t spent nearly enough time on, my lab isn’t in shambles, but it’s not in the best of places
  • Leading a Horde Raiding guild to be competitive in mythic boss kills
  • Focusing back in on my Arena play and getting a much higher rating (Horde)
  • Trying to level alliance arena players to continue to be competitive (not sure how realistic that is)
  • Getting more into Heroes of the Storm and actually playing well
  • Streaming reliably, and actually starting to get some views outside of the group of close friends that watch from time to time
  • Cooking new interesting foods, and trying new recipes – watching cooking shows just gives me great ideas that I want to try
  • Keeping all the computers at home in game playing shape for Chris and the kids

My biggest problem is just trying to figure out what to focus on.  Most people would immediately jump to professional growth, cooking, and coaching.  While those three things are definitely very important to me, all work and no play turns a brain to much.  I know I’m going to have to start eliminating things, and prioritizing the remaining items, I just seem to be struggling with it. 

From day to day the things I feel most strong about might shift.  Today it might be gaming, and being the best arena player I can, tomorrow it will be soccer, and Monday it may be cooking.  There are times where my ‘Jack of all trades’ is helpful, but I feel like this is one of the times it’s really not.  I feel like I want to do so many different things that I’m really not getting close to mastering any of them.

I’m not sure how I’m going to resolve all of this, but at least I was able to get some thoughts down, and I don’t feel nearly as stressed about it as I did when I first sat down to write this tonight.  If you’ve made it all the way through this, feel free to email me your thoughts.

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  1. Mom says:

    It sounds like you have a very busy life John but you are doing well spreading yourself around. You need to keep a balance of work time and play time; everyone needs play time or your life is too stressful.. I guess I now know why I don’t hear from you but remember, family is important too. Not just Chris and the boys but me and Mike and your Dad.. Someday you’ll turn around and you’ll find life has passed you by and they’re not there anymore!! I love you very much and hope to get some kind of communication from you soon.. Mom

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