Markdown, Harp, and Me —

I’ve been trying to convince Nick to help me build the rlgeex wiki for about a year now.  Nick has been trying to convince me that Markdown is a better way of doing documentation for the last week or so.  Then he said something that made me re-think my position.  ‘If we do markdown we can host all the documentation’.  Sold!

Now to figure out how to present markdown documents as web pages.  To the Google!  There are a number of ‘web servers’ out there that will take markdown documents and convert them into static HTML pages.  I settled on Harp, using node.js it seems pretty straight forward and fits all of my needs.  It also has a plugin that will build out a sitemap for you, very important on a wiki site. 

for the Next few weeks I’ll be working on getting that setup completely, as well as converting the existing documents on the wiki site into markdown.  All documents will be checked into a local GIT repo and then pulled down from the repo to the Harp server regularly.  Sounds like a good plan to me, now all that’s left is to finish implementing it.

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