Back in the saddle —

I took some time during my completely meeting packed day yesterday to work on vCenter, and finally got it all up and running on 5.5.  Rather than stand up a single large VM or multiple smaller VMs for vCenter, I decided to use an Intel i3 I had laying around.  This will allow me to save my ESXi compute resources for something other than the hog that is vCenter.

I also happened across a great blog with a 15+ part post to installing vCenter 5.5 which can be found here.  Derek does a great job of laying out all the information you need, and steps you through the install.  Even if you know how to do a vCenter install with your eyes closed, it’s still a great read.  I’ve installed 50+ vCenter servers, and still found some information that I was not aware of.

Now that vCenter is fully functional, my next steps are to install my VCAC 6 environment.  I’ll be working on that today, and over the weekend, so I hope to have that fully working by Monday.

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