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I’ve been putting off any work in my lab for a good 6 months now, so imagine my surprise when I finally sat down to upgrade to vSphere 5.5 disaster struck.  After building my first 5.5 host, and throwing 4 VMs on it (vCenter, SQL, Update Manager, and SSO) the host decided to lock up.  I went in to check on it and sure enough the host had decided to eat itself. 

I’m treating this as a Blessing in disguise, and moving my two hosts from original Intel i7 CPUs to:

Once the build is done, I’ll re-create my VMs and install a full VCAC environment, as well as a Cloudforms environment with a single RHEV host.  This will allow me to do a great side by side comparisons of RHEV vs vSphere that I plan on writing.  I’ll keep the working i7 host and convert it to RHEV once I get the VMs migrated from it to the new hosts.  I’ll then connect VCAC and Cloudforms to both sets of hosts, and see how they each work.

I should have the hardware next week sometime, which means my weekend will be rebuilding my lab, and then testing everything.

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